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Envirobase is a development of the Environmental Research Database which now includes information about environmental observations collated by the UK Environmental Observation Framework (UK-EOF)
Envirobase and this website are no longer actively managed.

This searches the titles, descriptions and classifications of activities and programmes and the names of people or organisations associated with research or observations using the Simple search with its default options. For more flexible searching, go to the Database search pages.

Envirobase holds information on over 29,000 environmental research and observation activities, programmes and data sources provided by public sector funders and voluntary organisations. It is a public resource from the Living With Environmental Change partnership that will be of particular interest to those engaged in:

  • developing public or corporate policy
  • planning or commissioning future research or observations
  • research or observation work
  • writing about environmental issues

It provides information on what is being done in the UK to understand the natural world and human interaction with it, and to develop solutions to environmental problems.

Envirobase provides, for the first time, a single search tool for finding both research ('RES') and observations ('UKEOF'). This should help users to understand the complex funding and application picture between the two, but please take care when interpreting summarised results because there are some overlaps between research and observation activities.

For searching observational activities only, the UK-EOF Environmental Observation Activity Catalogue is still available.


January 2015

Envirobase System Freeze

Please be aware that as of 31/01/2015 Envirobase system developments and data uploads have stopped. The database will now be used as an archived resource. Please refer to about database content for more detailed information regarding to the status of the LWEC partners' data and coding classification.

Interests map

The scope of the database includes all of the topics within the coloured areas; topics shown on the borders and just outside the coloured areas are included where they relate to environmental issues. Download a higher resolution version of the Database scope diagram.

Contact us

Envirobase and this website are no longer actively managed.
However, enquiries can be directed to the Living With Environmental Change Secretariat, hosted by the Natural Environment Research Council, at:

Information on observation activities is from the UK Environmental Observation Catalogue managed by UK-EOF.